I would like to invite you to donate to help support this website and my personal ministry.  Any donations would go to the following: ministry education student loans, supporting and maintaining this website, and video editing equipment such as better camera and a new computer to help ease the process of uploading and rendering videos (currently it takes 8+ hours for one video on the current computer). 

     Unfortunately www.pastorchapman.com is not registered as a not for profit.  I am simply one pastor running one website trying to make a difference.  As a result no tax deductions are available for donations.  I am happy to provide you with documentation for how any donation is spent upon request.   This website is also not affiliated with the Atlantic Community Church.  It is privately owned and operated by Rev. Casey R. Chapman.  Since Rev. Chapman is the pastor of the Atlantic Community Church this website does contain information in relation to the church.  

TO DONATE:  Please feel out the contact form above with the subject "donate" and the message "donate instructions" for instructions on how to donate.  Thank you for your interest and support!  A paypal option for donation and other avenues of donations are being explored.


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